TabacArt - Art and rare collector´s items around the Havana

Between the 19th and 20th century a large effort went into enhancing the presentation and the reputation of the Havana.  As the demand for these highly valued goods rose, so did the quality of the artisans and craftsmen producing the cigar boxes and paper inlays. Highly skilled artists were employed form around the world to utilize their knowledge producing sophisticated lithographic works of art. 

The new techniques contributed to the ongoing beautification of the rings and cigar box vistas (view in opened cigar box). The high quality and use of materials such as gold powder for the color process led to the collectors passion known as vitophilia. "Vitola" refers to the brand within the manufacturers trade mark. Collectors sought the colored vistas, rings and paper inlays containing special editions and messages. During the middle of the 20th century new printing techniques emerged thus eliminating the use of lithographic stones and metal clichés. Although no longer in use these pieces bear beautiful witness to the art and quality that has gone into the resentation of the Havana.

TabacArt takes a special interest in this heritage and shares it with aficionados of the fine scent and lovers of the extraordinary. We also consult furnishers of cigar-lounges and havana cuisine.

In a steadily changing collection we offer objects from the following areas:

Lithographic Stones with well preserved images of ancient vístas, bofetones and tabaclavos . TabacArt's homepage shows a digital remastering on parchment with the Romeo & Julieta theme. The image is replicated from a lithographic stone. 

Metal Clichés used to make the raised details of vistas and bofetones. The diagramm shows which parts of the vistas was imprinted by the cliché.

Vitophilia. Cigar rings, vistas, tapaclavos (motif that covers the centre nail of the box ). In many thematic collections we have Royal Houses, congresses or clubs. In addition we have curiosities, special editions and rare single items.

Cigar container. Old wooden boxes of long forgotten brands, boxes with dedications (one to Fidel Castro), old humidors, porcelain, glass and wooden jars by Partagás and Ramón Allones, all used for cigar storage

Tools. Cutting machines used by the cigar rollers. Cepos, the wooden mould used to determine the ring gauge and the length of the cigar. Presses. Chavetas, round sickle blade to cut the cigar wrapper to size.




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